Saturday, 20 October 2018

A foot or two in Sagalassos

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.     
Leonardo da Vinci

I've been dragging my heals writing about Sagalassos so it’s about time I put my best foot forward and stepped up to the challenge. This will probably be my last post in Blogger as I have just signed up to Bluehost with a new address and will be switching to Wordpress so I can continue blogging on my phone. It is not proving easy to master the new format even with friend Simon doing all the hard work.  It is fitting then to dedicate this post to Marcus Aurelius,  one of the five ‘good’ Roman emperors - philosopher and stoic, whose marble head and two legs remaining from his giant statue, were discovered in the bathhouse at Sagalassos  and now sit in the Burdur Museum. 

His writings, which later became known as ‘Meditations’ are widely regarded as one of the most influential philosophical works and have inspired leaders through out the centuries. A stoic attitude will help combat the urge to throw the computer out of the widow as I fail to get to grips with Wordpress.

These photos of the excavation were displayed at the site. Oh  to have been there when the first tentative sweeps of a trowel uncovered one  toe, then the next. Although from the above photo, it looks like his knees saw the light of day first. 


  1. Annie, make sure you back everything up separately if you are using Bluehost. Do NOT rely on their backup. They are the ones who destroyed 'Archers of Okcular'! When you try to get any help they just run you around in circles with different on-line 'helpers' doing the same thing over and over - never addressing what the problem is. They have pretty much destroyed my will to blog!

  2. Oh dear. Not good news. I wonder why they are the most recommended hosts. Too late now. I will do a monthly back up to my desk top which is also backed up separately. Thanks Alan

  3. Best of luck on the new platform, Annie! I've always thought of switching to wordpress, but I don't have the computer know-how or time. ;)

    Photos from you and Turkeys for Life about Sagalassos make me want to return to Turkey and do a big road trip.