Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Perfect Day

Waking without an alarm clock  to find husband has prepared breakfast.
The temperature outside is warm but just cool enough to merit a bike ride to the weekly market.  
A piece of elastic unearthed from the workshop is exactly the right length to fit an extra basket on the back of my bike.
The grader has been down our track and got rid of all the rocks that usually unseat me. 
The breeze gets up just enough enough to stop me breaking out in a sweat but doesn't blow off my hat. 
The only pollution is the olive blossom blowing in my face. 
The only sound is the click of my peddles, birdsong and a distant children's game in the next village. 
Big bottoms in baggy trousers are bent over their fields planting pepper seedlings.  
A few late poppies and daisies straddle  the road and last year's forgotten onions are blooming purple globes. 
A distant neighbour yells out my name laughing as I ride by to remind me how ridiculous I look in my lilac floppy hat. 
I manage to find first gear for once and actually cycle up the hill into town rather than push my bike in. 
All my vegetables fit into my panniers and new basket. 
It's down hill almost the whole way back.

Appreciating an exceptional day as it happens is one of life's rare occurrences and can set one up for weeks of mediocracy 

Lou Reed's "Perfect Day". 


  1. I can picture every detail of this delightful morning from your great description ...it all sounds completely delightful...hope such loveliness continues for you.

  2. Don't you just love it when you get a day like that, where everything just falls into place. They don't happen as often as we would like them to, but are so appreciated when they do.

  3. Dear Bodrun, . . . So true. And so important to remember--the living in the moment. Thank you.

  4. I'm sure you look magnificent in your floppy hat - very Miss Marple but of, course, much, much younger!

  5. I (Jolee) particularly liked the part about the husband making breakfast. Did you hear that dear?

  6. Wow, that sounds beautiful compared to the May doldrums in Istanbul!

  7. Thanks for your comments - I will put a "mavi boncuk" on this post to counteract the evil eye.

  8. Beryl Cook bottoms - now there's a sight/site to conjure with! In fact . . .

  9. Beryl Cook would have had a field day here. I can imagine her pictures of the locals. In fact that gives me an idea for a post - I'll have a word with my artistic other half.