Sunday, 21 January 2018

Bodrum at Sundance

Foto: Jonas Lodahl

We are used to film crews in Bodrum making TV programs and movies for the Turkish market but we haven't had foreign film makers here for a while so it's exciting to hear that 'Holiday', by Isabella Eklöf, premieres at the Sundance Indy Film Festival today.  Eklöf's feature length film was one of only 110 chosen from 3,901 entries so expectations in Bodrum run high, especially amongst everyone involved in the tourist industry and those of us who had fun as extras.  Can Holiday do for Bodrum what Mama Mia did for the Greek Islands?

Holiday's entry in the Sundance list runs thus:

Holiday- Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden (Director: Isabella Eklöf, Screenwriters: Isabella Eklöf, Johanne Algren, Producer: David B. Sørensen) — A love triangle featuring the trophy girlfriend of a petty drug lord, caught up in a web of luxury and violence in a modern dark gangster tale set in the beautiful port city of Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera. Cast: Victoria Carmen Sonne, Lai Yde, Thijs Römer. World Premiere

Taster here:

It sounds a tale of shady goings-on but some stunning locations were chosen as backdrops so an international audience will hopefully be reminded of Bodrum's allure.  Anyone looking for the club we danced in will be disappointed - it was knocked down last month and a completely new venue will be up and running this season.

Extras - Filming in Bodrum in May 2017


  1. I will always remember the afternoon of, "There is only so much fake dancing you can do" ... it was great fun and all best wishes for a successful premiere to Isabella Eklöf and the cast and crew of Holiday ... not forgetting the very special 'extras' of course.

  2. All publicity is good publicity. Things will be on the up this year, I think.

  3. How exciting, fingers crossed for the film and Bodrum - a Mama Mia effect would be super!!:) Ozlem xx

  4. B to B, Very exciting doings. I hope we get to see you dancers in the film. BTW, that club that was torn down. Is the one you were happy to see go in a few postings ago? xoxo J and M

    1. Nom this was another club which has been altered and changed its name on an almost yearly basis.