Friday, 27 July 2018

Back to Bodrum

I knew I had to remember something when I set out for the village house to get it ready for my 4 weeks summer holiday.  The vacuum cleaner went in the boot, the dog's bowls and basket got ticked off, swimming costumes packed.  What did I forget ?  My tripod.  So will just have to remember how spectacular the moon eclipse is here without any light pollution.  Only wobbly images captured on my Nikon's moon setting.  

Monday, 16 July 2018

Sweden today


When it has been so hot and dry for so long that the earth is like dust.  We have just had exceptionally large price hikes in potatoes and a onions in Turkey; I suspect the 'cheap' potato  that will be planted here tomorrow will need a lot of rationed water to produce a crop this Autumn if it doesn't rain soon. 

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Out in the sticks

I've been away in Sweden for the past two weeks, staying on a fledgling vineyard. Internet has been intermittent and most hours of the day filled with commitments so my poor BacktoBodrum blog has been ignored. The weather in Sweden is quite incredible; it's been hot and sunny since May which means that the trees are full of ripe cherries - a first in the 6 years I've been visiting, but the Bjare peninsula is suffering from severe drought. An s.o.s message went out last week to all mobile phones warning that the usually pure tap water is now unsafe to drink and should be boiled.  

I had no idea Swedish wine existed but now I've tasted one of the first bottles produced from these young vines, I will look out for it.  It's delicious.