Thursday, 25 April 2013

23rd April

National Holidays are always busy in Bodrum and unfailingly accompanied by much flag waving, horn blowing and drum bashing. At the end of our morning walk on Tuesday,  Jake and I met one stream of processing children on their way to the stadium  to celebrate Children's Day and my usually good natured dog got quite hot under the collar over the noise. So we stood back and watched the kids march (girls) and amble (boys) by and followed up the rear as they all filed into the arena to be lightly broiled  under the sun.  I thanked my lucky stars that I am no longer obliged to follow them in and watch the painstakingly choreographed dances and listen to familiar poems delivered with determined juvenile fervour, and then deal with the aftermath; a hot, sticky, sunburnt child.  One day, an enlightened educationalist will suggest adding hats to the costumes.

We are used to having this alley to ourselves in the morning
I'm sure the teachers were thankful that there wasn't a repeat performance of  An inebriated "gentleman of the road" whole-heartedly joining in with the practice sessions.


  1. Can't believe they don't have to wear hats. Here in Spain, this is a requirement, though I'm not sure why Carnaval is always in February when children are expected to wear their fancy costumes which were not designed with chilly weather in mind. Oh for an enlightened educationalist!

  2. They do look very smart and involved in your photos, but I agree that in that kind of weather more hats and less marching about would be highly preferable. As for the video clip - oh dear, oh dear. :-)

  3. Some of the schools in our area have hats as part of the uniform (ours doesn't,) infact until they get some government directive they can't let the kids wear summer uniform. Ours started really early to get the marching done before it was too hot, we were home by 10!

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