Friday, 27 May 2016


At the beginning of May there was this ...

...a local council cafe on the harbour

Then there was this...

...the wrecking crew move in

Now there is this...
...instant landscaping.

It comes to something when a local cafe run by the municipality gets knocked down because of a complaint over its legality. Today 3 similar cafes around the peninsula are closed as a result of complaints by one of the opposition parties (no, not the one you expect it to be).  Conspiracy theories abound and complaints fly as locals lose their access to reasonably priced, attractively positioned cafes. 

One local who doesn't drink tea is unfazed by the changes....

...he sat here last month and he'll sit here this month.


  1. B to B, When we first came to Turkey, we used to smile at what we called 'conspiracy theories' that we heard from Turkish friends. Now, we make up our own in an effort to explain the unexplicable and we're willing to bet they're closer to the truth. (Uh oh, there I go with that betting again. Sorry!) Love the flower-power doggie.

  2. Perhaps the complaints were a smoke-screen, just another excuse to develop the Bodrum 'brand'?

  3. . . more likely to be disgruntled competitors - especially with the downturn in tourism.