Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Love from Bodrum

  No, I didn't buy him a red rose 

We just went for our usual walk through the centre of Bodrum and only twigged that it was St. Valentine's Day when we saw the balloons. 

We stopped to listen to the band and were handed a red rose and a chocolate.  I ate the chocolate so it was only fair that Jake got the rose.

We carried on the walk accompanied by a good cover version of an Eric Clapton classic, surrounded by young and old (but no dogs) carrying single red roses. 

Lots of Love 


  1. Love you Jake!!:) Happy belated Valentines Day, cok sevgiler, Ozlem xxx & family xxx

  2. amazing really! Ten years ago hardly anyone here had heard of the Valentine bloke like a bad rash! Mind you, whilst the restaurants were full, they were full of men taking out wives, lovers, girlfriends instead of the usual gang of chaps.

  3. Like Jake, I didn't get a red rose either!

  4. Lots of love to you two, too, from Spain. M and J