Friday, 2 June 2017

Welcome June

June 1st brought the British Ambassador to Turkey,  Richard Moore and his wife Maggie into town. He met local residents for an informal lunch before chatting to press and continuing on his round of meetings with Governors, Police and Gendarme chiefs

It's reassuring to know that the Consular team are all working hard to make sure Turkish resorts are as safe as possible for UK residents and visitors,  but after listening to our esteemed Ambassador, the photographers were keen to take pictures of Star, Maggie's guide dog.  I couldn't take Jake along with me as he'd have been heartbroken to realise that there was a much more famous canine than him in town.  


  1. I really hope the new organisation for guide dogs is successful here. I believe it will help to change the attitude towards dogs.

  2. Did he spoil you with Ferrero Rocher? :-D

  3. Make 'One Man And His Dog' mandatory TV watching for all children - now, that would change attitudes!

  4. Well done, so good on him - Bodrum and all Turkish coast is fabulous for summer holidays everyone, don't miss out!! Ozlem xx

    1. Aviation department says Turkish airports have better security than many European ones.

  5. Star lives up to his name. (Jake's still your star anyway.)