Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Don't you get bored in the winter?

One of the most frequently asked questions. Most people assume that places with an economy founded on tourism close down in the winter and become ghost towns. Maybe some do but Bodrum could never be accused of being boring.  I love October because all the winter activities start again and the cooler weather and acid bright skies generate an enthusiasm for new projects. School may be well over for the majority of us but there is still a familiar 'new term' feeling in the air. The Bodrum council has a long list of classes in languages, art, craft and professional qualifications; by the time I got back from Greece all the ones I wanted to join were full but I'll try to join in January when enrolment opens again.  But I'm not short of activities to pursue. 

October 7th marked our reading group's return to monthly meetings. We usually chat over tea, coffee and cake but our first meeting was a pot luck lunch.  Fantastic food as always with lots of intelligent comment, which makes me so grateful for living where I do. 

A few Wednesdays later it is time to decide what the photography group is going to do over the next few months. It can be quite difficult to concentrate when the view is so spectacular, but decisions are made.

And Martha Patrick is still dreaming up stimulating  prompts to galvanise our brains and get the writing muscles going. Hopefully the results of this practice will spill over to this blog.


  1. Fethiye is the same - nothing closes down - and we love our winters, here. We swim in summer and then winter aerobics classes have just satarted again so that's me sorted until April. :) Long walks without sweltering heat, perfect lighting for photos, deserted beaches...what's not to love. :) Enjoy your winter. :)

  2. Love a pot-luck lunch, and that one looks great.

  3. Quite right, Annie. Slower certainly but ghostly, certainly not. We had most fun out of season.

  4. And tomorrow starts my favourite month ... we are truly lucky to live where we do ...

    1. In Northern Europe . November is considered the worst month -aren't we lucky

  5. Sounds all fabulous - right up my street, I want to move to Bodrum!!:) enjoy, Ozlemxxx

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  7. B to B, How wonderful to have so many interesting friends that are engaged in creative activities. Keep on enjoying life. xx

  8. too much stimulation for me, I'll get back to moving rocks and raising worms!