Thursday, 22 February 2018

Crafty Recycling

A crutch in one hand + A dog lead in the other = Empty bottles not getting to the recycling bin

A surplus of empty bottles + Chalky paint = Crafty recycling

Crafty recycling  + Too much time on my hands = Two garden vases.

Supplies from Cadence Paints


  1. How much longer on the crutches? At least you've got two very pretty garden vases out of it, though. Our spare bottles tend to be of the beer variety. We save them up until we have a batch of them to take back to the shop - and get cheaper beers in return. ;)

  2. Love the colour in the photo ... hope you can cast your crutch away soon.

  3. one man's junk is another woman's treasure!

  4. Still on the crutches? Poor you!

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  6. Dear Annie, this posting just makes me feel gleeful--with so few words you sum up an entire project and its prompting! Thank you. Peace.

  7. B to B, Chalky Cadence Paints raises its head again. Hope you're all finished with your painting and if so, I'm glad to see you didn't take a fall off the stepladder.

    1. You can see how exciting I am with my discovery