Sunday, 1 April 2018

Hydra's Trail Event

  While Western Europe was celebrating Easter, Hydra was in Lycra. The annual running races took place in windy conditions, but the light was bright and perfect for photographs, so I went down to the harbour on both days to take photos.

Anyone who came to Hydra for a quiet week-end before the noisy Easter celebrations begin will have been disappointed as speakers pumped out very loud music for most of the two days - I lost count of how many 'Final Countdowns' I heard. I hoped each would be the last but no. 

The children ran on Saturday

The adults on Sunday 
 No areas were cordoned off so interested spectators mingled with the runners

 It must be one of the most scenic venues

Some competitors were more serious than others.  I saw several running while chatting on their phones. 

It didn't inspire me to put on my training shoes - just climbing back up the hill was enough exercise for my still dodgy ankle.


  1. A very scenic venue indeed. Our city has running and bicycle races along the Pacific Ocean, also spectacular.

  2. (this using Firefox)sweeping up the fallen petals from the trees/shrubs is enough these days!

  3. Ohh, is this an event we need to add to our calendar? Bet the scenery is amazing. Although my first thought, looking at those photos was, wow, those cobbles! :) Give me a tarmac road or track any day.

    1. There were quite a few running on the verges

  4. This hobbling goblin would have to wave them on from the sidelines!

  5. B to B, The scenery is gorgeous, but the very loud 'music' would have done me in. Good luck with the dodgy ankle.

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