Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dog Envy

I wish Jake could travel with me in the summer, I think he'd enjoy Hydra.

This is Rajah, he's the carpenter's dog, it was a one-dog workshop until about 2 months ago, now there are two. 

This boxer looks after a mini-market.  He's got a spaniel companion who was keeping a low profile. 

This setter will sell you anything to do with the sea.

The electrician. 

Jake might not get on with the occupant of the pharmacy. 

I'm waiting for me to get home too. 


  1. So glad to see that on Hydra, dogs rule for the most part, except for that cat at the pharmacy who probably keeps her claws sharpened. Adorable pics.

  2. . . hot dogs and a kool kat!

  3. Ooh dogs! You knew I'd love this post didn't you? Ah just look at Jake waiting..bless him x

  4. Isn't Jake a lovely boy...yes, I'm sure he'd like the chance to make new friends...

  5. Turgutreis'den merhaba Annie :) So wished to be able to catch you while we're here too; enjoy Hydra and hope to see you next time xx Ozlem

  6. Just look at all those lovely dogs (and cat) on the shady side of the street. Jake would have such fun.