Saturday, 27 December 2014

Boxing Day in Bodrum

Boxing Day in Bodrum is celebrated with a party for foreign residents given by the Mayor. A tradition started 18 years ago by Tuğrul Acar, Mayor of Bodrum from 1994 to 1999.  That first party in the Marina, if my memory serves me correctly was attended by about 50. Yesterday, Trafo hosted around 300 and provided a non-stop barbecue of spicy sausage and chicken, plus a seemingly inexhaustible supply of drinks. Entertainment was provided by Bodrum Children's Pop Chorus,  and the speeches given by Mayor Mehmet Kocadon and Muğla's CHP MP Prof. Dr. Nurettin Demir were short and sweet and led up to cutting the ubiquitous celebratory cake.

The forecast rain even kept off until everyone was ready to make their way home 

  Bodrum has always marched to a different drum beat and long may this tradition last. 


  1. A really friendly appreciative gesture!

  2. 'Cheers, Mr Mayor!' Nice attitude towards vote-less residents.

  3. Replies
    1. There was quite a kurfuffle getting in into place.

  4. How very nice and, as you say B to B, these days seemingly against the tide. Cheers for the belediye!

  5. That's so lovely, hats off the Bodrum Belediye, another good mark - so glad to hear it. Hope you had a lovely one; slowly recovering from the travels, all wonderful though. Best wishes for 2015, really hope to see you in the new year : )

  6. It's a lovely gesture and I'm quite surprised the tradition has lasted so long. Well done Bodrum Belediye.

  7. What a friendly, positive attitude towards foreign incomers and one a lot of places would do well to emulate.