Friday, 26 June 2015

A vegan challenge

Every cooking assignment brings a fresh challenge and this past week I've faced a new one. I am used to cooking for vegetarians and gluten or lactose intolerants, but I haven't had to cater for a vegan before. So I have been trying to adapt my recipes to fit.  It hasn't been too difficult as a lot of Turkish vegetable recipes are vegan friendly but many also rely on egg to bind and cheese to give flavour so I've had to think up alternatives. 

I was making mucver/courgette fritters for the rest of the party and didn't want to leave the vegan out so had to put something into the courgette and onion mix instead of egg. I'd made some hummus the day before and had some cooked chickpeas over. I whizzed them in a blender and added them to the grated courgette, dill, grated onion and seasoning. I didn't want to put too much in and turn them into felafel so added a little chickpea flour, left the mixture an hour for the chickpea flour to swell and then fried as normal.  

Necessity is the the mother of invention, especially in cooking. 


  1. B to B, A professional cook's job must be very challenging these days. Your solution sounds delicious, though. Since even a home cook has vegan friends, thanks for the tip! J

  2. . . looking at the food, I think they must be much like Vulcans and Romulans not to mention Agnes and Hugh Town who are Scillys!

  3. Picture it, a dinner party with one vegetarian that eats fish, one vegetarian who doesn't, one carnivore who's dairy intolerant and one who drinks you out of house and home. The solution? Don't bother! Well done for trying. Looks delish!

  4. Absolutely brilliant BB, you are a genius! Look forward to tying out your vegan mucver, yummy!:) Ozlem x

  5. And they look really yummy, too. Not sure we have any vegan friends to cook for but will definitely be back to look this recipe up if we find ourselves in that situation. :)

    1. I will cook them more often as they were v tasty.

  6. The turkey is not easy to be vegan :)