Saturday, 30 July 2016

Back-up plan

I only had my phone with me to take this shot, you have to look carefully for the stork. 

There were only 3 frogs in the pool when I got back from Bodrum yesterday which suggests that those I sent on an enforced holiday have not returned, but just in case they are thinking of coming back, Jake and I have a back-up plan.  I googled "frog + natural predator" and "stork" came at the top of the list, so all we have to do is persuade a stork or two to take up residence.  Jake has taken on the challenge of hypnotising a stork. 

Yesterday I had lunch in Bodrum at our fine French restaurant Evimiz. On the way I'd spotted a light weight net that looked ideal for batrachian hunting which explains how I happened to be standing next to a French chef with a net in my hand and the photo opportunity was too good too miss. I have never seen frog on the Evimiz menu but Stephane assured me that he knows how to cook them. A full size cardboard cutout of a French chef - wielding the net - next to the pool should put the willies up the boldest frog.


Check out Evimiz's delicious weekly lunch menu and contact details for booking here

(Apologies go out to my friend Liz who will be aghast at any suggestion that frogs may be harmed but this is very much a threat rather than an open declaration of war. So far.... apart from a short incarceration in a plastic bucket, no frogs have been harmed in the writing of this blog.)


  1. "So far," you say. :) Nice that you have a French restaurant in Bodrum for just in case, though, isn't it. ;)

    1. Very nice restaurant with very good set lunches for 25 TL

  2. Lol! Having a fear of birds, I think I´d take the frogs any day! Axxx

  3. Love reading these frog episodes!:) And Evimiz look very neat, lucky Bodrum, cok sevgiler, see you soon, Ozlem xx

  4. So you found a Frenchman!

  5. Loving the frog updates - great could run and run (or hop and hop....)

  6. How about a terracotta stork - kinda like a scarecrow?

  7. B to B, I think Jack's got the idea. Lawn statuary - kind of like the pink flamingos everybody in America had to have on their lawn when I was a child. Actually, I think I've seen some ghastly painted stork statues here in our market on the island. So what is your village address? . . . . :-D