Friday, 16 September 2016

The Pond

I like living by the village pond: while not a hub of activity, it is visited most mornings by a succession of villagers with their cows and if I time my dog walking correctly I can find out what is happening with my neighbours.

Before mains water arrived, the pond was vital to the survival of livestock, now walking the animals to the pond keeps the water fees down but is not practiced every day by all, leaving more murky water for the wild pigs, badgers and pine martins. 

A few years ago a jeep safari company introduced turtles to the pond and a few fish occasionally break the surface but they don't last long under the watchful eye of the heron, perching on top of the pine tree, waiting for lunch.

Late summer pond is not so photogenic but Jake enjoys his morning snuffle and sniff around it, picking up the scents of the wild.

Now the sun has set on our pond. For the first time anyone can remember, the pond is dry. I've been reading about the world-wide hottest July on record but statistics don't mean much until the effect hits locally and I contemplate the consequences of one lost water source to the surrounding wildlife.


  1. Crazy weather. It was hotter in London a few days ago than Gran Canaria and that was hot enough for us!

  2. That's a lovely treasure, do hope rain comes soon - it was so hot in Surrey and today we have the much expected rain - everything in moderation, isn't it. Hope the wildlife gather again around the pond soon xx

  3. . . here in the mountains the large barrage for the village's horticulture dried up five days ago - the first time that has ever happened. Our supply comes from up the mountain and is fed from a huge spongy marsh and that is still producing. What is frightening is the ignorance about anthropomorphic climate disruption and the indifference of those in power to effect any changes. The condemned are indeed selling the hangman the rope!

  4. Wow. İt is the indifference that's the scary thing. Obama said the other day something along the lines that climate change is 'terrifying'. Well, he certainly did nothing for the last 8 years when he had to power to do so. Tomorrow we have some projected rains coming and I'm going out to do a dance to encourage them.