Friday, 2 September 2016

Turkey Tales

I'd like to recommend this collection of 16 poems to anyone who has loved and left Bodrum, is still living on the Bodrum Peninsula or has an idea in their head that one day they too will sit on a bougainvillea strewn terrace, sipping iced rakı and grazing on samphire and olives as they watch the sun sink behind the islands.

Jay is well known for her informative guide books and you can click on her Roving Jay byline to the right of any BacktoBodrum post but her ability to paint evocative pictures with her words is a real joy to discover.

With Jay's permission I can give you a little taster here:

A market man, who smiles with his eyes; his
hands caked in dirt, then wiped on his thighs.
Both gnarled and rough he waves them about.
Then a smoke-clad voice delivers his shout. 

The ebook is available on Amazon and if you are quick, is free to purchase until Sunday. 


  1. B to B, Thanks for the tip. I think I've met this guy at the Burgazada market . . . .

    1. Probably not at Jay is a lady.

    2. Hi Mark and Jolee .. this man or a composite of him is in most markets. There's nothing I like better than wandering around the farmer's market and watching the characters and interplay between them.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, many congratulations Jay, greatly look forward to it - thanks for sharing Annie, will do that at my end too, Ozlem xx

  3. Thanks for sharing Annie .. quite a different matter to release a book of poetry, than writing blog posts or travel guides, but it's an interesting process to see which rhymes or lines resonate with different readers.