Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Wedding Dog Blog

I'm used to the limelight, my lead-holder gets stopped in the Bodrum streets by strangers who have seen my photo online, but last Sunday I had my red carpet moment, although the carpet was rather uncomfortable pebbles not the best tufted weave. 

At one point I was faced by 50 humans all pointing their cameras at me so I had to throw some heroic poses showing my best side.  As the host, I felt I had to create a bit of a diversion as the bride hadn't even got her dress on when the registrar called us all to order, but even I gave up and sat down to wait like my mistress.

It was worth the wait though because the bride did look lovely and I was very proud that she'd chosen a white dress with grey shoes to match my coat. And the groom was wearing one of my master's silk ties, although he got rid of the jacket and neckwear pretty soon after the ceremony, understandable as it was a hot sunny day.

I got as close to the cake as I could but there was none going spare so I can't tell you what it tasted like, but I heard quite a few complimentary comments as I worked the tables.

The seating plan is so important at a wedding; you've got to know who your friends are. I've had Auntie Jeni pegged for a few years now so I planned who I was going to sit next to, (even though I wasn't given one of the marble place-markers that everyone else got)  - I wasn't disappointed!

Just one person missing, his jacket was there - the Anthony Price one he loved so much and had finally got thin enough to wear again. I hope he was watching from where ever he has gone.  Everyone agreed that I was a very good dog. 

My photos have got all mixed up so I'm now no longer sure who took what.  I thank Netia Piercy, Jane Baxter Gerçeksöz and Peter Dick for their photographs. 


  1. Looks like a fabulous day was had by all Jake, and you did an amazing job as host. Supported, I'm sure, by your master's spirit.

  2. It looks a lovely and very happy occasion - the last poignant photo brought a tear to my eye.

  3. I had my eye on you as you checked out the cake Jake ;)

  4. Dear me, Jake - upstaging the bride!

  5. And they say it's a dog's life like it's a bad thing.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful in every way; well done Jake, grand job! Annie, I salute you and everyone for this most special send off to your lovely daughter, I am sure he has been watching with a smile on his face, just beautiful. Many congratulations to Esi, and the groom, I hope you are putting your feet up now : ) Ozlem xxx

    1. feet will go up soon. One or two projects to finish

  7. With a host like you, Jake, what could go wrong? Loved the first photo of the debonair 'dog about town'.

  8. Jake, after meeting you for the first time at the Hera Gumusluk in September, I could see you had the making of a wedding planner even if it was only for tracking down the cake. Tell your mistress she got that blog of yours spot on. It looked a wonderful wedding, a credit to all those friends and relatives. Many congratulations to Esi and her Husband.