Friday, 15 December 2017

Waste not - Want not

To celebrate Mother Earth Day and Local Food Week, there was free grub on offer in Bodrum market today.  Under a banner proclaiming 'Herşey Dahil İsraf Hariç'  which I can roughly translate as 'Everything Included Except Waste' - soup, bread and mandarins were handed out to an expectant crowd. Observing the spirit of the day - the soup was 'çercöp' which is made with whatever vegetable leftovers you have on the day, usually the stalks of celery and leek that might otherwise get thrown away, and the bread was 'peksimet' - which I think we would call rusks or the sort of hard tack, dried bread that sailors or travellers would take on a long journey.  

As we are entering a time of ridiculous over consumption, this was a good reminder to buy local food, avoid imported goods and use everything up.


  1. Good idea - I am endeavouring to keep my Christmas food buying down. We always end up with far too much stuff, things that you feel you should buy but which are unnecessary. I don't want to go into the New Year with extra pounds showing on the scales either.

  2. I used to work for M&S in Oxford Street; at Christmas the orgy of food buying was incredible. One year for some reason the department was denuded by the 23rd apart from a few forlorn bags of clemantines and some other 'non-Christmassy' produce. Customers were shocked and genuinely despairing at what they would do which seemed so sad and lacking in imagination on their part. One of my most memorable Christmases was one of my first in Marmaris. I'd managed to find a chicken (hard in 1987) and boiled it and then made rice using the chicken stock; simple though it was it tasted delicious and fresh mandarins and a bottle of red helped the Christmas feeling along.

  3. Absolutely fantastic and it should be the motto especially this time of the year - another well done to Bodrum, sending festive hugs, cok sevgiler xxx Ozlem