Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Good news for dog walkers

Taking a dog into a bank in the past was a bit of a grey area, sometimes we were let in sometimes shooed out but today Murat, the friendly security guard at Ak Bank, confirmed that legally all well behaved pets on a lead have to be allowed to accompany their owners into the bank. That's very good news for Jake and me as I can now comfortably do my banking during our morning walk rather than before or after.


  1. That's good news for you and Jake - does this photo mean that you have solved your problem on the previous post? If so, that is also good news.

    1. No Rosemary, it just means I am back ay my village house where the desktop computer lives.

  2. Hello! I'm so glad that you and Jake can bank together! Life is always better when we can be with our animal companions. Peace.

  3. Aww. I bet Jake's better behaved than some of the customers! ;)

  4. We love dog-friendly places and make our business to patronize them. (Besides, I get my doggy fix that way.) Good news after your last problem. Made me shiver as we use blogger as well. Yes, why can't they just leave well enough alone. xoxo

  5. Perhaps he would be allowed to open a savings account there ... then he could add to his collection of balls whenever he wants ...