Thursday, 26 January 2017

Mandarin Festival

Snow is falling in Istanbul again and the knock-on cold snap hit Bodrum at mid-day. While I'm shivering I like to remember that Sunday was a warm sunny day and the castle square was filled with citrus fruit. It was the Mandarin Festival week end. 

I cozied up to a few stall holders, got a few strokes in return ....

....but only jam was on offer as a freebie, no one would give me a bun. 

I don't like eating mandarins but if my boss (it makes her happy to think she can tell me what to do) spends too much time at the computer, I sneak a mandarin or orange from the fruit bowl and start to pat it around the Afghan rug.  If this doesn't stop her typing, I scratch the sides of the rug and start to bury the fruit - that usually makes her jump up.

In view of this I thought she might buy me one of these knitted mandarins but no - I'll have to make do with the juicy squashable kind.


  1. Good tactic to gain attention. I'll make sure I don't read this aloud when my lot are listening...

    1. Your lot have access to much more squashy and exotic fruit.

  2. Lucky you - I love mandarins, and that jam looks extremely tempting. You might not like them, nor the jam, but I bet the boss does.

  3. Jake, A time-honored way to get attention and we can say that it's used by canines the world over. When mandalina season comes, it almost makes shivering in the winter worth it.

  4. . . talking to a dog is one thing - having them answer is a sure sign of . .

  5. Shake 'n' Vac won't get the mandarin juice out of the Afghan rug!

  6. Jake - you rock!! love reading your posts :)