Sunday, 8 January 2017

Paws for thoughts

Me, pausing to think.

I thought you all would like to see some snaps of me looking windswept and interesting. I admit the first photo is posed and has been edited and tarted up to add to the drama, but I think I look splendidly handsome and when the time comes, I will choose it as the cover of my first autobiography - working title 'Paws for Thought'. 

Cheryl Martha and us dogs
The second two photos were taken without my knowledge but sum up a good morning's walk. My two-footed companion had told me that I would be spending the day with a couple of good-looking lady dogs and I'd occupied a few hours working out some chat up lines. She failed to mention that one of the ladies was a 45 kilo Kangal and that I would be sharing MY back seat with her, or rather, as it turned out, I would be squashed into the corner of MY back seat with a Kangal's bottom pressed to my head - well there are worse ways to pass a 30 minute car journey. When we got to Gümüşlük we were joined by two more leashed canines and a couple of street dogs tagged along too. All of us are in the picture above - no prizes for guessing which is Peri the Kangal. (Only a human with a GSOH would name a Kangal 'Fairy').

Bob and me in contemplative mood

Those of you who read this blog regularly will notice something wrong with the three photos - the ground is brown - in January it should be green with an early wild flower or two sprouting through the long grass. Alas the expected October, November and December rain didn't fall - but it is falling now and more should come next week, which is good for the land but bad for me because I have to wear my dratted raincoat, I'd rather get wet but she who must be obeyed (but rarely is) insists. 

This photo will not be in the autobiography


  1. Stop moaning about having to put up with big female kangal bottoms and be glad to share your walks with a diverse group of friends! You always look handsome, with or without your coat so better wear it than get a nasty cold like everyone else...
    Follow my advıce , pull up the collar of your rain coat and enjoy life!!!! Xxx

  2. Poor chap...forced to wear a coat!

  3. Be grateful that it is only rain that is falling - I was surprised to see that they have snow, of all things, in Istanbul.

  4. Jake, What a charmed life you have - rain or shine walks, lovely girl (and boy) friends, AND that great raincoat that makes you look very extinguished. Can't wait for the next installment of 'Paws for Thought'. Aferin.

  5. You are such a cutie Jake and you MUST write that book - we would be the first to buy with my children!! super post, Ozlem xxx

  6. I agree with Ozlem. You definitely have a book in you. And you look extremely handsome in your raincoat xxx

    1. I might be persuaded to wear it more with all this flattery

    2. I might be persuaded to wear it more with all this flattery