Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Island Dog

I've been here over 10 days now and I thought you'd like to see some of my holiday snaps. This is me at the harbour, with the flying dolphin coming in to port behind me. 

This is me in the Isolos bar/restaurant.  We come here a lot as there is always a bowl of water for me and the large glasses of wine are 5€ with a refill so I'm sure it's not just the comfy cushions that are drawing the boss back.  

The island is full of cats. I don't mind cats; Bodrum has a lot too but here there is a cat around every corner, in every plant pot and under every table.  I'm allergic to flee bites and have already had to meet the island vet and get treated for inflamed skin, despite my drops and collar from Turkey.  He says it happens to every newcomer but it was an itchy (and expensive) first few days.  The trip here wasn't much fun either. I wasn't allowed inside the catamaran, and had to spend the 90 minute journey in a metal cage on the aft deck. I wasn't as traumatised as my owner but I landed in Hydra with oily paws and undercarriage which is not the arrival I planned for such a chic resort. 

I suppose I should mention the donkeys, mules and horses too but to be honest I find them very up themselves. Being on every post card, guidebook and bag has given them very inflated egos - the donkeys are the worst - they stand right in front of me and make unflattering remarks as I go past. I can usually ignore them but sometimes the boss has to hold me back.  It's lucky we're on short leash in Hydra, not the extending one. 
In general though Hydra is a very dog friendly island - we haven't been turned way from any restaurant or cafe and most people and fellow canines want to say hello.  I feel quite at home. 
Wish you all were here 


  1. I think that first photo of you in the harbour would make a very good postcard... donkeys can be a bit superior ... best to just ignore them Jake ...

  2. Glad you can rise above the taunts of cats and donkeys. Looks like you've enjoyed your trip. Hope the journey back goes well. You really are a very handsome dog - I'm sure the Islanders love you. Axxx

  3. Thank you Jake for your report from the island. I do like donkeys even if they think they are stars.

  4. Jake, So sorry about those fleas. They can really make a poor dog miserable! And tell those donkeys that if you're called a 'donkey' in Turkish, he/she is thought to not have much between the (long) ears. Keep having fun!

  5. Blimey Annie, 5 Euros for a double double - time to move methinks!

  6. Doesn't sound like the most pleasant of trips, getting there, but all looks lovely, now. Loving those donkeys. :)

  7. Lovely post and photos Jake though I was sorry to hear about that metal cage, not fun : ( do hope the return journey will be better; so lovely you are there with Annie - and how I wished to be there!!:) Ozlem xx