Monday, 25 September 2017

New Friends

It could have been a bit of a disaster bringing a dog to work - especially for a cook, but so far so good.  I realised that I no longer had to worry about Jake after the first dinner party. While I was working away in the kitchen, Jake was invited into the dining room and by the time the first course had been served, he was under the table having his chin tickled.  He was very upset to see the first guests go; he barked loudly at me and had a doggy tantrum worthy of a toddler - I have a feeling he could see himself on an English country estate or in a Chelsea town house and was hoping for a ride on a private jet.   Return to the bungalow in the Turkish countryside is going to be a big disappointment for him.
When not working, having a dog by my side has been great for me too. I've met so many more people this trip - all conversations ignited by Jake. He has also made friends. He was shocked to meet Zubee, a female Jake look-a-like, also an ex-street dog, rescued by Dimitrios Antonitsis, the founder and curator of "Hydra School Projects' - an international platform for visual arts. In its 17th year, this season's work is on show in the old Hydra High School under the title 'Gestalt'. So Jake has been to his first art exhibition.
He also met a brown version of himself called Bruno, another rescue dog, and has been invited to and  agreed to take me along to the biggest Easter party on the island - should we find ourselves here at that time next year.
I think he needs to read this past post about Easter on Hydra before he makes any firm plans - I'm not sure his nerves (or mine) can take the explosions and public hanging.

Jake and Zubee or is it Zubee and Jake. 


  1. δίδυμα, ikiz, twins ...

  2. B to B, How lovely! When we had dogs, it was one of our main ways of meeting people in the neighborhood, the only problem being that most of the time, we knew the dogs' names before the people! I remember being greeted with "You're Paloma's mother!" Classic.

  3. My address book is beginning to read like that