Thursday, 22 March 2018

Lucky day.

I am writing this post to a background sound track of rattling water tanks, thrashing branches and a rumbling shed roof that sounds like it is about to head North.  But before the Southerly Lodos storm hit top gear today, Jake and I had our usual Bodrum walk-a-bout and we timed it just right to hit the Municipality Square as free trees were being handed out.  This is a regular highlight of World Forest Day, 21st March, but today is the 22nd.  It would be churlish to quibble over dates as I was given three baby Bay trees which will hopefully keep my curries and stews full of flavour for many years to come.  On our way home, I popped into Altın Butchers to see if they had any marrow bones and was given a juicy selection, chopped for convenience and again at no charge. Jake's marrow bone jelly has been simmering away for 3 hours now and he's looking with longing at the stove.  The house has a not unpleasant meaty fug about it and I think I'll steal a bit of his brew to make some soup while the electricity is still on, and reflect on my lucky day.


  1. Sounds a lovely, lucky day. Wind is blowing a gale here too. We are supping fish soup and well tucked in.

    1. I went to the village today and my neatly stacked chairs were all over the place

  2. I had a lovely standard Bay Tree a few years ago, but one very cold winter, not dissimilar to this, it gave up the ghost and sadly died. I love the perfume that bay leaves give to a dish bubbling away on the hob.

  3. I am sure Jake loves the marrow bone jelly you are cooking for him.

  4. They give away trees here, too. But not bays, unfortunately!

  5. Sadly, there's nowhere to put a bay tree in the micro-loft. Maybe the next destination, though, in a couple of years.