Tuesday, 8 May 2018

BacktoBodrum Building

Bye bye beautiful Bouganvillea

The Turkish Lira is in decline, who knows how much value it will lose this year. Despite being offered a mind-boggling 38% a year interest by my bank (as long as I kept the TL invested for 3 years), I will put my faith in bricks and mortar and invest in my Bodrum house.  Last year I glassed in a balcony and spent many happy winter days sitting in 25 degree C heat while my living room was under 15 degrees, so a sun room on the front of the house seems a good idea.  I've been considering it for a while but one thing held me back - I didn't want to cut down the magnificent bougainvillea that has been growing for 27 years and had become a self supporting tree.  But I got over it and 4 days ago, work on the extension started. Builders Uğur and Onur wielded the saw and braved the spikes to take down the prickly monster and found that there was one branch very close to the soil which could be left and would allow my bougainvillea to grow again.  They were very keen to make sure it doesn't get too tall though as it will block the new-to-Turkey internal roof drainage system of which they are so proud.
Uğur and Onur are under there somewhere

Day 1

Day 2 Ahmet finishes the roof despite getting sunstroke on day 1


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  3. a wise investment - nearly as good a Bitcoin :-)

  4. Real shame about the bougainvillea but needs must, as they say!

  5. That seems to be a very sensible thing to do, and also something that will give you pleasure

  6. B to B, Good for you. There's nothing like a porch to spend time in, plus being a good investment.

  7. Dear BtoB, you are so going to enjoy that room! And what a gift that the men found a shoot that will keep the bush growing.

    Sun stroke can be serious in that it means one is more susceptible ever after. I had sun stroke way back in 1974 and still have problems if I'm out in the sun too long, especially if I don't have a hat on! Peace.