Thursday, 31 May 2018

End of May

There are 3 hours left of May and I am feeling very guilty for abandoning my blog.  It has been a busy month, which has grazed 4 countries; spending too little time in each.  It has however been a very productive month - My small Bodrum town house feels much bigger - and so it should - it now has an extra bathroom and an impressive sun room, neither of which were even an idea on the 1st of May.

These are the builder's photos, I didn't have chance to take any. Furnishings will have to wait until September but with the backdrop of light blue plumbago, fragrant melissa, orange bougainvillea  and multi coloured lantana, it's going to be a joy to relax in whatever I choose.

Jake had 6 days to enjoy the new room and for him it was a revelation. He can monitor the activities of the local cats without having to risk their sharp claws. 

My 10 days in Sweden were also quite fruitful.  Apart from the job I was paid to do, I managed to try out a new water colour style and paint a few cards. I was very grateful for the full length blinds in my room - they were ideal for hanging my work.

And now we are back in Greece.  Ferries are not Jake's favourite mode of transport and we had to take 3, but he was so good  that complete strangers came up to us to compliment him on his behaviour. 

On board - on the way to Kos.

Although as I write this he is barking fit to bust at the three mules braying outside our studio. Time to go and quiet the affray before we make ourselves unpopular.


  1. You must be really delighted and very pleased with all of your new achievements. It looks as if the builders have done a great job for you and Jake.

  2. A beautiful addition to your house ... certainly worth all that dust! I gave a friend one of your olive cards for her birthday; she was delighted with it.

  3. The house looks fantastic, Annie.

  4. Annie, Congratulations on your very nice home improvements and your lovely artwork, too. As for Jake on the ferry, sometimes a dog knows when good behavior is called for. Aferin, oğlum!

  5. House looks so beautiful dear Annie, you have been busy :) so hope to be able to visit this autumn - enhoy Greece, hugs to Jake xxx

  6. Oh wow, you have been busy! The house looks amazing! :) We aqre pondering a visit to Hydra later this year. May need to pick your brains re ferries etc. :)

  7. The results were well worth the dust...and, most importantly, Jake approves.