Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Free Wheeling

This year's resolution is to aim towards parsimony rather than extravagance so, with this in mind, on Sunday, I unpacked my trusty Raleigh Pioneer, donned my bicycle clips and set off on the 6 km journey to Mumcular. I had intended to go to the market, but the attraction of an electric blanket and a hitherto un-heard audio book on my headphones resulted in a late start. The bright sky soon clouded over and before I was half way it started to rain. I was tempted to turn back, but having given in to temptation once that morning, I thought I'd better serve my penance and keep going. We also had nothing in for lunch and the car was in Bodrum tending to the builders. By the time I got to town, there were a few stalls still selling so I filled up one pannier with veg and filled the other at DiaSa supermarket. I love DiaSa. We now have no need to go shopping in Bodrum, as the guys in Dia are so helpful. Last summer I asked if they ever sold Schweppes tonic, and a day later it was there in spades . Despite the crate I bought, it's still there now as I don't think many Mumculites are partial to G & T. When I inquired about brown sugar for Danish pastries, they got that too.
On the ride back, the sun came out so I decided to record my trip and got my bike to pose beside a water container.  Back at home, I was extremely pleased with myself on several counts:
1. I managed 12 kms without falling off.
2. I could still walk
3. I had saved at least 3 TL on petrol
4. I hadn't been able to buy any non-essential, fattening treats because there wasn't room in the panniers
5. I hadn't been killed by a dolly minibus or a twelve year old driving a tractor.
6. If I kept this up I would be saving £35 a month on Gym membership.

After an hour or so, I started to get a very strange pain in both my calves. Fearing embolism or worse, I looked down to investigate to find that I was still wearing my bicycle clips.


  1. what a fun tale - J keeps on at me to go with her on bike rides and I end up walking like Hopalong Cassidy!

  2. oh my...good one! and things were going so well! :-)

  3. Hilarious - and you put as to shame...

  4. Now I've told you, I will feel obliged to get the bike out more often. (I hope)

  5. We used to have bikes...and then we started to stop off at random bars on our little cycling treks. Have you ever ridden your bike after a couple of beers (or maybe one or two more)? Not good. we decided we enjoyed living in one piece and got rid of the bikes. :) Good luck with your new regime.

  6. Well done you! That's a lot of cycling in one day. Aren't shopkeepers here lovely? We have one in our village who will gladly get anything we want.