Friday, 24 February 2012

Spring has Sprung .

We all seem to be enjoying Spring weather today. For those of you in GB it's unexpectedly warm and for us in Turkey, it's very welcome but a bit late in coming. Everywhere I went today, Nature was bursting out in beautiful bright greens, pinks, lilacs and reds.  It's a shame that there is so much rubbish around to spoil the show. 

There is no excuse for the amount of litter at the road sides.  The dustmen come twice a day and no one is more than a few hundred yards from a bin.  

Thirty years ago, the countyside was untouched by ugly plastic.  Drinks came in glass bottles with a hefty deposit. Any bottle, carelessly discarded was quickly collected up for the dosh. Cheese came in large cans which were re-used as plant pots, water carriers, storage containers or watering pots.  Every garden had a row of tomato or pepper plants growing in old food tins of all sizes.  
Working on yachts, we spent quite a lot of our time in the Greek Islands and had access to duty free bags and  plastic water bottles. We never had to throw these away. There was always a queue of Bodrum housewives competing for these useful items to use on their weekly shop or to put milk in.  1 litre Gin and Vodka bottles were always in demand to store drinking water. This could lead to confusion.  Once, at the party of diplomat friends, we were all enjoying our gin and tonics when one guest (who in their obituary will be referred to as a 'bon viveur') took the host aside to point out that we were all in fact drinking water and tonics. The friends' staff had filled all the old bottles with water and on the pre-party inventory check, it was assumed that there was plenty of gin in the house.  I hadn't even noticed and was even feeling a bit tipsy. Now spirits are so expensive here, I might try filling a few bottles with water and seeing if I can kid myself again. 


  1. . . my J is known as the 'Bag Lady' in Ortaca market - most of our bags, plastic, linen and otherwise have been in re-use mode for years. We spend more time sorting bags than shopping - but it's worth it - for the environment and the kudos!

  2. spring has arrived beautifully where you are! so sad to find that almost all countries I "visit" via the internet have trash issues! your water into gin story is quite humorous! :-)

    1. Theanne -There are just too many plastic bags handed out.

  3. Love the spring photo's, especially the poppies! When we were tending our garden in Gumusluk, I weeded around the poppies, and the Turkish lady next door, came over with a pick axe and mimed the death of the poppies - I gather she thought they were bad... but I love them!

  4. Hi Roving Jay, it's a bit too early for poppies yet. These are anemones. The red ones usually come first, then the pastel ones but this year seems mixed up. I love poppies too - I've got a packet of Californian ones to sprinkle around next autumn.

  5. Alan, I was in Tansas the other day and the check-out girl commented that yabancis always bring their own bags.