Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Gale Force

The storm last night, with gusts of 110kmph,  reminded me of my first year in Bodrum.  Our flotilla of boats were moored stern-to, side by side in Bodrum marina; 32 yachts in all.  There was only a small sea wall in those days and and the Southerly Lodos wind blew straight into the harbour.  The only way to keep the boats from crashing into the concrete quay was to jump on the first boat, loosen off the aft lines,  tighten up the anchor chain,  turn on the engine and gently put the boat in gear, then jump across to the next one and do the same until the whole fleet was motoring against the wind. By this time the sterns were about 3 meters from the quay. A strong guy had to be on hand to temporarily haul in the last boat so that we could jump back to dry land.  In 1982 I could leap on and off boats with ease, often carrying a week's shopping.  Now I struggle to jump a puddle.  If I were a car, I would have my shock-absorbers changed.

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