Thursday, 2 February 2012

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Nobody likes criticism, even when it is intended for our own good. Turkish institutions are particularly sensitive in this area,  Those of us who put our thoughts on the open billboard of the internet should be aware of this. Looking for information on moving back to Bodrum, I joined a couple of English language forums based in Turkey.  The majority of posters are very helpful and are happy to use their accrued knowledge to help answer questions from those new to the country. I found a reliable shipper through one forum's recommendation and I learned of the new SGK laws from these posts. On this latter subject, the combined knowledge and investigative powers of the British expats in Turkey seemed to be one step ahead of the  British Consulate web-site.   However, on all forums, the world over, there is a core of posters who lack a self-edit button and forget that we are living (or holidaying) in countries where the freedom of speech, that we accept as our right, is in its infancy.  Last week, through one of the forums, I  joined 3 Brits to do a bit of volunteering at a local council run installation.  My first day was my last. No, I wasn't that bad! The director had become aware of uncomplimentary posts about her staff on an English language site and decided she didn't want any more foreign help for the time being.  

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  1. There's a lot of great information traded on the Expat forums, but some of the interaction borders on negative and argumentative. Some forum participants like hiding behind the anonimity of a generic image and a cryptic name - and are too quick to pass judgement.

    As you just experienced, these words can have harmful effects.