Sunday, 5 February 2012

Perfect Day

Today was one of those perfect winter days that gladden the hearts of all Bodrumites. Sunday dawned with a bright sky and promise of sun.  We set off to Yahși Beach, borrowed a dog on the way and had a lovely long but windy walk. Yahși has changed beyond all recognition.  It used to be a narrow rough beach, used as a road, with camp sites and the occasional hotel between the gardens.  Google it now and you'll see non-stop hotels and restaurants with an impressive promenade.  I prefer it now, it was a bit tatty in the 80s.
The joy of living on a peninsula is that there is always somewhere with a sea view to escape from the wind . Today, the normally windy Turgutreis was sheltered enough to sit on the front without jackets.  Whenever it gets really cold and wet in Bodrum, you can guarantee good weather will be just around the corner.


  1. What a nice photo.....I've been to Turkey several times but never Bodrum. We always seem to stay in Izmir my husband's home.... This summer I promised myself I would go to Bodrum.
    I really enjoy reading your blog...just found it.

    1. Thanks Erica, Try and make it down to Bodrum and visit some of the villages on the peninsula. Very different to Izmir

  2. I often pop into Bodrum during the summer months but I really need to go back and visit Turgutreis,which I haven't seen since we left there some 12 years ago..A visit to Gumusluk, our first home, will also be on the cards I think.

  3. I think you'll be surprised at how big Turgutreis is now.

  4. We were in Turgutreis a couple of years back. Just for the day while friends were speaking to some yacht owners about work. I prefer Bodrum to Turgutreis but only in winter! I fear Bodrum in summer. :)

  5. Hi Julia, I'm with you there. I'm only planning to live in Bodrum town in the winter. We're off to the village as soon as the summer crowds arrive.

  6. Have yet to walk along Yashi beach. I got as far as Ortakent one day, and took a few photo's from afar. But I'd like to walk along Yahsi beach, and then up over the hill near the lighthouse, and venture on Kargi beach. Next time I'm in the area, I'm going to explore that part of the peninsula a little bit more closely.